Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cumpleaños Allie's Eve.


I love how it's slowly getting cooler here in Cali, but the sun is still always out. But in a way I wish I lived somewhere else that fully experiences both Summer and Winter - and everything in between. I love British Winters. I was there last Winter and Fall, and it was simply amazing. Leaves where everywhere, everybody wearing woolly hats, gloves, scarfs and coats, the Fall colors, the Christmasy feeling, the Christmas lights in Trafalgar Square, Christmas shopping, hot chocolate. Ah, simply bliss.

But I shan't rant.

So today I'm spending the day in because I have to look after my little sister. It's her birthday tomorrow, and I'm more than happy to spend some quality time with her. Yesterday, I was at Clayton's and I was painting with his little sister, and it just made me want to spend even more time with my sister. My Mom's gone out to pick up Allie's present - it's a kitten because she's wanted one since she could speak. :)
The pictures at the top are from a photo shoot I done with my sister a few weeks back. I really love them even though they're not that great. ^-^

And I love this: popupshop. It's a Danish clothing line for kids that focuses on sustainability but it's also fashionable. It's so annoying that it's kids though, because I love the clothes. But I got some of my sister's stuff from here. I simply love the style of it. And the little girl who modelled it is adorable. :)


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Días de la Familia.


I didn't post anything on Sunday or Monday. Naughty. It's simply because I've had family over from Spain. Some of them are still here, but it's just my Mom's cousin rather than her children who are my age. :) But seeing them, after ages, did put me in a very Spanish mood. My Mom's half-Spanish and I lived in Spain for a year and I've visited Mexico a lot, so I can speak fluent Spanish. And I just love it, it sounds really sexy and it's just different from speaking English, I guess.

I also found out that I might be able to spend some of the Spring break in Spain with my Mom's cousin! Si me voy, yo realmente no puedo esperar! Add some of that in. :) But yeah, I got so excited and happy. :) But my sister, Allie, was upset because my Mom would never let her go without her being there. And she can't speak Spanish. But I did say that I'd try and teach her.

Today I had the day of because I had a doctor's appointment for most the day and then I just took the rest of the day off. My Mom's good like that. :) So I took some random photos around the house. Like the ones at the top.
I've recently felt the Christmas vibe, if you know what I mean. When you know Christmas is close because everyone becomes more jolly, people start talking about it and the atmosphere generally changes. Oh, I love it. And it's Thanksgiving next week - so I'm looking forward to that. :) I also need to phone my Dad for that. Blogging reminds me of so much.
Anyway, I need to finish some assignments for tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Good Afternoon. :) I pretty much just woke up. I'm not the type to sleep in till midday - But last night was my friend's birthday party, and I didn't get back in until 4 this morning. So, I think waking up at 1 is actually pretty good. :)
I'm also on the phone right now, to my lovely boyfriend Clayton. He's the guy in the pictures above. And I don't think have I had a conversation with so much yawning and silence. We've both pretty much just gotten up and we're still half asleep. But, it's nice to hear his voice. :)
I received some clothes from my Dad this morning. I was pretty surprised because I wasn't expecting any - I asked him to send me some when I was there in the Summer but I didn't think he actually would. My Aunt obviously picked them out, my Step Mom would never do something nice like that. But anyway, he sent some high-waisted shorts from Topshop, high-waisted skirt from ...erm.. Punkyfish? and some dresses from Republic, Topshop and some other shops that I can't remember. So I'll phone him to thank him for them once I'm off the phone to Clay. I can't wait to wear them.
I'm thinking the high-waisted shorts for this evening? I think it will be. :)
And now I'm going to go wash and get dressed, phone my Dad in England and do some photography work with my little Sister, Allie. :)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

I think blogging three times in one day is cool.

Okay, so here's my third post for the day. And it will be my last...maybe. But I do have a valid reason for blogging again. It's simply because a lot of other people in my class are doing it and we don't have teacher today...It's fine with me. :)

So far today I've had Health Class - which went stupidly wrong, but yet so funny. We had some random teacher that I've never seen before. He had a German(?) accent...I think. And no one could understand him. Afterwards we had Chemistry where me and Clayton attempted an experiment - It went horribly wrong. And now I am here in American Lit. blogging. I love the fact that most teachers are ill at the moment because of the bug going round. I feel bad for saying that - but it is pretty cool not having to do anything. :)

There will probably be some kind of wild rave/fight type thing soon. There's music banging from someones computer and half the class is either blogging, talking or raving to the music. I love it.

I'm also really hungry because I didn't have time to eat at lunch break - you know the specified time you have to eat. And all I can think about is what I had for breakfast this morning. Froot Loops of course. I could live of Froot Loops, Tea and Vitamin Water. Heaven. :)

Yeah, I even take pictures of my food first thing in the morning before I have to run to catch the bus. :) But I do love the colors in the picture, and in Froot Loops in general.And the Vitamin Water that my awesome boyfriend, Clayton, bought for me this morning because I said I fancied some. Aww. :) He even got Lemon Tea flavour - my favourite.

I've decided that I'm going to join in the little rave that's going on. So bye for now. :)


Let me inform you about an assignment.

So - it's either blogging at lunch or detention. So, clearly, i chose blogging. Well, I'm meant to be finishing my photography assignment but I've already finished. The assignment didn't have much to it; I just had to choose a model and take pictures really. To see 'what we can do without any guidance' or something. I sort of fell asleep in that lesson I'm guessing. But here are the pictures I took. I'm pretty proud of them actually. :)

There are more pictures but I thought I wouldn't bore you anymore.

I decided to use my best friend, Kayla, as the model because she's just so pretty. And I had this vision of doing the photoshoot with some kind of nature theme to it and I thought she'd suit it well. :) We chose this pretty river place nearby. We got lost on the way there - but it's all part of the adventure.

Hope you like them...


First one.

Hello. ;) As you may know already, if you're a good observer, this is my first post. However, you may not know, this isn't my first blog. :) I did have another one but my cousin 'accidentally' deleted it. Lol. Oh well.

So I might as well tell you a little bit about myself:
- I take my camera everywhere. Yes, even down to the store.
- I love England - the accents, the people, the sights...
- I'm the only one out of my friends that drinks tea.
- I absolutely love visiting new places and meeting new people.
- I also adore long plane journeys.
- I'm fifteen and I'm in the tenth grade. Thought I'd give you the basics.
- If I'm not taking pictures, I'm dancing.
- I used to live in New York.
- And England.
- And Boston.
- Oh, and Arizona. :)
- I love watching movies that I know all the word to.
- If I hear a song I like I write it down anywhere so I can remember to download it when I get home.
- I spend a lot of my time with my friends.
- I'm really close to my little sister.
- I was named Roxie-Rose because my Mom gave birth to me in Roxy-Daisy Hospital. So my parents thought they'd change the name a bit.
- My Dad lives in England - I visit him most Summers. I love it.
- And, that's me at the top. :)

And how about some pet peeves:
- People who continuously sing out of key all the time simply annoy me. I mean, I don't mind singing a bit...being happy and everything. But when they sing loads and they're out of key and they think they're American Idol material, it just annoys the heck out of me.
- People who think they're the most amazing thing ever to hit this Earth. We're all pretty much the same, I'm sorry. :)
- Raisins. I just hate the texture, feeling, taste. Everything really.
- When the speakers on my computer fuzz up.
- When you think you're going to sneeze...but you don't. You know the feeling...

Lol. Just a bit about me. :)