Thursday, 12 November 2009

Let me inform you about an assignment.

So - it's either blogging at lunch or detention. So, clearly, i chose blogging. Well, I'm meant to be finishing my photography assignment but I've already finished. The assignment didn't have much to it; I just had to choose a model and take pictures really. To see 'what we can do without any guidance' or something. I sort of fell asleep in that lesson I'm guessing. But here are the pictures I took. I'm pretty proud of them actually. :)

There are more pictures but I thought I wouldn't bore you anymore.

I decided to use my best friend, Kayla, as the model because she's just so pretty. And I had this vision of doing the photoshoot with some kind of nature theme to it and I thought she'd suit it well. :) We chose this pretty river place nearby. We got lost on the way there - but it's all part of the adventure.

Hope you like them...


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