Thursday, 12 November 2009

I think blogging three times in one day is cool.

Okay, so here's my third post for the day. And it will be my last...maybe. But I do have a valid reason for blogging again. It's simply because a lot of other people in my class are doing it and we don't have teacher today...It's fine with me. :)

So far today I've had Health Class - which went stupidly wrong, but yet so funny. We had some random teacher that I've never seen before. He had a German(?) accent...I think. And no one could understand him. Afterwards we had Chemistry where me and Clayton attempted an experiment - It went horribly wrong. And now I am here in American Lit. blogging. I love the fact that most teachers are ill at the moment because of the bug going round. I feel bad for saying that - but it is pretty cool not having to do anything. :)

There will probably be some kind of wild rave/fight type thing soon. There's music banging from someones computer and half the class is either blogging, talking or raving to the music. I love it.

I'm also really hungry because I didn't have time to eat at lunch break - you know the specified time you have to eat. And all I can think about is what I had for breakfast this morning. Froot Loops of course. I could live of Froot Loops, Tea and Vitamin Water. Heaven. :)

Yeah, I even take pictures of my food first thing in the morning before I have to run to catch the bus. :) But I do love the colors in the picture, and in Froot Loops in general.And the Vitamin Water that my awesome boyfriend, Clayton, bought for me this morning because I said I fancied some. Aww. :) He even got Lemon Tea flavour - my favourite.

I've decided that I'm going to join in the little rave that's going on. So bye for now. :)


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  1. mmm tea... and froot loops :)
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