Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cumpleaños Allie's Eve.


I love how it's slowly getting cooler here in Cali, but the sun is still always out. But in a way I wish I lived somewhere else that fully experiences both Summer and Winter - and everything in between. I love British Winters. I was there last Winter and Fall, and it was simply amazing. Leaves where everywhere, everybody wearing woolly hats, gloves, scarfs and coats, the Fall colors, the Christmasy feeling, the Christmas lights in Trafalgar Square, Christmas shopping, hot chocolate. Ah, simply bliss.

But I shan't rant.

So today I'm spending the day in because I have to look after my little sister. It's her birthday tomorrow, and I'm more than happy to spend some quality time with her. Yesterday, I was at Clayton's and I was painting with his little sister, and it just made me want to spend even more time with my sister. My Mom's gone out to pick up Allie's present - it's a kitten because she's wanted one since she could speak. :)
The pictures at the top are from a photo shoot I done with my sister a few weeks back. I really love them even though they're not that great. ^-^

And I love this: popupshop. It's a Danish clothing line for kids that focuses on sustainability but it's also fashionable. It's so annoying that it's kids though, because I love the clothes. But I got some of my sister's stuff from here. I simply love the style of it. And the little girl who modelled it is adorable. :)



  1. cute pictures of your sister! how old is she i have a lil sister too. and omg that clothing line looks adorable!

  2. oh these are lovely, Sorry I just foun your blog and I'm now a follower, lovin the background by the way xxx

  3. I love your blog!!!:) these photos are sooooooo cute!!